Comic Carnival FLASHBACK 1989: Arkham Asylum

Our Comic Carnival has been around a long time (1975!).  We’ve had a lot of cool events including signings, conventions, sales, and parties.  We’ve also taken a lot of pictures over the years.  This series will highlight some of them, and we hope, some of the history of Indianapolis along with ours.

First up we will feature Grant Morrison and Dave McKean from December 1989.


Just two months after it was published, these British (er Scottish)  invaders hit the shores of Comic Carnival for a signing.  For Grant Morrison, it was his first trip to America.  He is described as “shy” during his visit to Indianapolis, but both were very kind to visiting fans.  Little did anyone know that this Graphic Novel would go on to be one of the best selling of all time!

We hope you enjoyed this Comic Carnival Flashback.  We will be publishing more soon!

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