Artist Terence Muncy Here For Free Comic Book Day!

Terence Muncy will be adding a terrifying twist to this years FREE COMIC BOOK DAY here at Comic Carnival.  Meet Terence, get an autograph, and/or buy some great horror prints!  Check out the free Avengers print Terence is giving away to the first 50 people here for FCBD at the bottom of the page!


Terence makes some great horror art, but of most interest to us here are his Nightmare Theater Comic Books featuring Indiana Horror Host Sammy Terry!  In stock at Comic Carnival, get one signed!


Nuvo did a great write up on Terence for an early Horror Hound con here.


(Photo from article)

Terence has a great Facebook page highlighting his horror art here.


For more information on our Free Comic Book Day, check out our event page here:

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