Comic Carnival Birthday Bucks Return

Birthday Bucks Are Back!

Comic Carnival has a long history of mailing out birthday cards to our customers. I remember looking forward to receiving them in the mail in the early 80s, but I suspect they were being used before that.  In celebration of our 40 Birthday, we’re bringing them back!



In the long ago times Comic Carnival Birthday Bucks were good for $1 in free merchandise.  That was 2 comics in the 80s, and 3 when we opened in 1975!  The Duck (a caricature of our owner Mark) also smoked on the original cards.

We’ve ramped that up to $4 so you can get any normally priced modern comic as a gift from us.  Add to that $6 in back issues and you’re due TEN DOLLARS of free stuff just for being born!  Sorry about your luck Red Tornado, you shoulda been born not built!

For August, we’ve sent out dozens of physical post cards to our friends to help them celebrate their birthdays.  In future months we might experiment with digital distribution, but we plan to send out HUNDREDS of coupons this year one way or another.

What do you have to do to get an official Birthday Buck of your own? Just come in to Comic Carnival and tell us you want to participate!

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