April 2017 Game Schedule




4/01        Saturday        

NOON    Heroclix Sidekick League

Veteran HeroClix players will bring someone who is new to the game and interested in learning, as their Sidekick. They’ll play side-by-side against another player and their Sidekick, with the veteran players providing some advice and instruction. Players will get an LE for the first session they attend! At the end of 3 months, players and their Sidekicks who have attended at least 2 Sidekick Nights will be entered to win limited edition HeroClix prizes.

Entry Fee:  FREE PLAY

Prizes:  First time attendees each season will be awarded an LE, chance to win more!

New Releases:    See Release Sheet


4PM        Heroclix 300 pt Modern Tournament

Modern Legal Sets:  2013/14/15/16/17 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Sept 2014-present, Justice League Strategy Game, The Flash, Justice League Trinity War, Avengers Age of Ultron, Avengers Assemble, Nick Fury, Superman/Wonder Woman, Brainiac Skull Ship, World’s Finest, Batman v Superman, Captain America Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Uncanny X-men, Civil War, Foes of Spider-Man, Joker’s Wild, Deadpool & X-Force.

Entry Fee:  Buy any full-sized Heroclix booster or 4 single-figure Gravity Feed boosters.

Prizes:  Choose Havok, Polaris or Banshee from the Early X-Men OP Kit




4/05         WEDNESDAY     6PM        Dungeons & Dragons Encounter Night

D&D Encounters provide everything you need to play a quick hour or so encounter here in our store.  Take a pre-generated character (or bring your own).   This is about a 2 hour game, for a longer session see Sunday 4/30.  Free to play!



4/07         FRIDAY                 5PM        FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC

Magic TG Standard Format Constructed Tournament

Casual Play with Prizes!  (No Judge)

Constructed decks must contain a minimum of sixty cards. There is no maximum deck size; however, you must be able to shuffle your deck with no assistance. If a player wishes to use a sideboard, it must contain exactly fifteen cards.  With the exception of basic land cards, a player’s combined deck and sideboard may not contain more than four of any individual card. The following card sets are permitted in Standard tournaments: Battle for Zendikar, Shadows over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet (April 28th)

Entry Fee/Prizes:  1 booster to be added to prize pool.  Every player gets a participation card, top 4 get a LE foil card, and we add 1 booster to the Prize Pool per 4 players.



4/08         Saturday                               

Noon       Heroclix Guardians Sealed Draft Tournament

Players all open their boosters at the same time, draft one figure and pass the rest to the next player.  Repeat this process until all figures are drafted.  Players play with what they draft.

Entry Fee:  Buy 5 single-figure Guardians of the Galaxy Gravity Feed boosters.

Prizes:  We will snake draft all figures used in the tournament with extra single figure boosters added for each player by the store (extra boosters sets may not be GotG).


4PM        Star Wars Destiny Tournament

Each player needs a legal deck (Evil or Good) with up to 30 points of characters and exactly 30 cards in their deck.  There is a limit of 2 for each particular card.  Players are also expected to have a way to mark damage and resources.  No Proxies allowed.

Entry Fee: TBD

Prizes:  TBD





4/14         FRIDAY                 5PM        FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC

Magic TG Standard Format Constructed Tournament

Casual Play with Prizes!  (No Judge)

(See 4/07 for details)



4/15         Saturday                                INDIANA COMIC CON

Noon       Magic Open House Amonkhet (Standard, Free)

This new event encourages casual fun for new players and easy, league-style Standard play with a participation promo reward.  Players of all levels can come together to learn and play Magic, say farewell to Aether Revolt, and look ahead to the next exciting release—Amonkhet.  Veteran players are encouraged join the fun by bringing a friend or helping to teach new players.

Entry Fee:  Free Play!

Prizes:  New players (and teachers) get a new “Welcome Deck” to try out.  Everybody gets a premium full-art basic land from Amonkhet.



4/21         FRIDAY                 5PM        FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC

Magic TG Standard Format Constructed Tournament

Casual Play with Prizes!  (No Judge)

(See 4/07 for details)



4/22      Saturday

NOON   Magic Pre Release:  Amonkhet!

The prerelease pack likely contains 6 Amonkhet booster packs, 1 premium promo card, and 1 Spindown life counter.  (Specifics subject to change).  You can also get the Planeswalker Decks early. (Intro Deck replacements).

Players use their pack to construct a 40 card minimum deck (land is provided).

If you are a judge and interested in helping us, please contact Tim.

Entry Fee:  $23 pre pay, $25 day of event (subject to change)

Prizes:  Top winners will be awarded multiple booster prizes!  Everybody gets at least an Amonkhet booster prize!

Seating will be limited to 18.


4PM        Dice Masters Constructed Tournament

Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards up to 12 different character cards/non-basic action cards and up to 20 dice. Each player starts with 20 life.  At the tournament, players reveal their Teams at the same time.  Players may not alter their Teams or Dice in between rounds.

Special Rule:  At the end of each player’s turn they can roll one of their  characters up one level.

Entry Fee:  $2 or 4 Dice Masters Boosters

Prizes:  Winners get a Deadpool or Lady Deadpool LE Prize card.  Everybody gets a Bob:  Agent of Hydra LE Prize Card.



4/28         FRIDAY                 5PM        FRIDAY NIGHT MAGIC

Magic TG Standard Format Constructed Tournament

Casual Play with Prizes!  (No Judge)

(See 4/07 for details)



4/29      Saturday

NOON    Star Trek Attack Wing 130 pt Tournament


An enemy fleet waits to ambush your ship as you complete the end of the third segment of the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally, a race that covers 2.3 billion kilometers through obstacles that include dwarf star clusters and K-class anomalies.

Will your ship win the race and thwart the ambushers?

Constructed format using the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play), with the following new addendum:  minimum of 3 ships per player and a maximum point value of 50 points on a ship (after all cards are assigned to it).  If the base ship cost is higher than 43 points you can still play the ship with the addition of up to 8 points for upgrades as well as a captain.

Full scenario at WizKidsGames.com

Entry Fee:  Buy a STAW expansion, or $5.

Prizes:  Top 3 get the Delta Flyer Shuttlecraft card pack; everybody gets the Co-Pilot LE Card.


4PM         Magic Draft Amonkhet

Amonkhet Draft is the very first chance players get to draft with Amonkhet. Celebrate the release of a new Magic set with a game of collection-building Booster Draft that rewards participants with foil, alternate art promo cards.

Everybody drafts their cards from the pool of 3 boosters/person (standard draft rules).  Add provided land to boost your deck up to 40 cards (minimum).  3 timed rounds of best of 3 games.

Entry Fee:  Buy 3 boosters

Prizes:  Everybody gets a foil LE card, top rated get booster prizes.



4/30         SUNDAY                 Noon       Dungeons and Dragons Expeditions Sunday!

We are currently running Curse of Strahd. There are special rules concerning characters that play in this adventure. Check the Wizards website or come in and ask the DM.

Come play with us!  Dungeons and Dragons is back and as good as ever.  Beginners are welcome, free play; we can provide all you need.  Expeditions are about 4 hours long, for a shorter game, see D&D Encounters on 4/05.

Moved this month because of Indy Comic Con!

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