June 2017 Game Schedule


6/03 Saturday

Wonder Woman Day

Heroclix Sidekick League
Veteran HeroClix players will bring someone who is new to the game and interested in learning, as their Sidekick. They’ll play side-by-side against another player and their Sidekick, with the veteran players providing some advice and instruction. Players will get an LE for the first session they attend! At the end of 3 months, players and their Sidekicks who have attended at least 2 Sidekick Nights will be entered to win limited edition HeroClix prizes.
Entry Fee: FREE PLAY
Prizes: First time attendees each season will be awarded an LE, chance to win more! SEASON END
New Releases: See Bottom of Page


Wonder Woman Day Heroclix Marquee!
For the first time ever, DC’s Amazon Warrior Princess headlines her own HeroClix set! Deflect bullets, extract truth, and KO your enemies with the DC Comics HeroClix: Wonder Woman Gravity Feed!
Entry Fee/Prizes: Players will buy 4 Wonder Woman boosters and play with the contents! After the tournament, players will put all figures into a pool and snake draft them. Comic Carnival will supply an extra booster for the prize pool for every player.




Dungeons & Dragons Encounter Night
D&D Encounters provide everything you need to play a quick hour or so encounter here in our store. Take a pre-generated character (or bring your own). This is about a 2 hour game, for a longer session see Sunday 6/18. Free to play!


6/10 Saturday


Heroclix 15th Anniversary What If? Marquee
What if heroes become villains? What if someone new gains powers? The Marvel HeroClix: 15th Anniversary What If? Collection features the most iconic Marvel heroes and villains of all time, exactly like you`d expect them to be, and in spectacular alternate versions, too! HeroClix fans will be able to have their Punisher become the Sorcerer Supreme, or Daredevil join S.H.I.E.L.D. in ways never before possible on the HeroClix tabletop.
Entry Fee: Each player buys a What If? Booster and contributes it to the draft. Play with what you draft.
Prizes: All figures will be put into a draft pool and snake drafted, including the Captain with Mjolnir prize figure. New maps will be distributed.


Heroclix 300 pt Modern Tournament
This is our first post 2017 Modern rotation tournament!
Modern Legal Sets (NEW LIST): 15/16/17 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2015-present, Nick Fury, Superman/Wonder Woman, Brainiac Skull Ship, World’s Finest, Batman v Superman, Captain America Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All sets), Uncanny X-men, Civil War, Foes of Spider-Man, Joker’s Wild, Deadpool & X-Force, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Avengers/Defenders War, Wonder Woman, What If?.
Entry Fee: Buy any full-sized Heroclix booster or 4 single-figure Gravity Feed boosters.
Prizes: Choose Havok, Polaris or Banshee from the Early X-Men OP Kit


6/17 Saturday


Dice Masters Modern Constructed Tournament
NOTE: This is our first post-rotation tournament!
Modern Legal Sets: 2015-2017 Promos, War of Light, Spider-Man, Faerun Under Siege, World’s Finest, Civil War, TMNT, Green Arrow/Flash, Deadpool, Dr Strange Team, Iron Man/War Machine Start, TMNT HiHS, Batman, Defenders Team (Half-Elf Bard is banned).
Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards up to 12 different character cards/non-basic action cards and up to 20 dice. Each player starts with 20 life. At the tournament, players reveal their Teams at the same time. Players may not alter their Teams or Dice in between rounds.
Special Rule: Each player may start with a single 3 cost or less X-Men Affiliation member in their bag.
Entry Fee: $2 or 4 Dice Masters Boosters
Prizes: Choose either Storm, Colossus, or Wolverine from Xavier’s School OP Kit


Star Wars Destiny Tournament
Each player needs a legal deck (Evil or Good) with up to 30 points of characters and exactly 30 cards in their deck. There is a limit of 2 for each particular card. Players are also expected to have a way to mark damage and resources. No Proxies allowed.
Entry Fee: Buy and keep 2 Destiny Boosters (as available).
Prizes: Extended Art Death Trooper Card for each player (up to 12). Booster prizes (as available) for winners.





Dungeons and Dragons Expeditions Sunday!
We are currently running Curse of Strahd. There are special rules concerning characters that play in this adventure. Check the Wizards website or come in and ask the DM.
Come play with us! Dungeons and Dragons is back and as good as ever. Beginners are welcome, free play; we can provide all you need. Expeditions are about 4 hours long, for a shorter game, see D&D Encounters on 6/07.


6/24 Saturday


Star Trek Attack Wing 130 pt Tournament
Constructed format using the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play), with the following new addendum: minimum of 3 ships per player and a maximum point value of 50 points on a ship (after all cards are assigned to it). If the base ship cost is higher than 43 points you can still play the ship with the addition of up to 8 points for upgrades as well as a captain.
Entry Fee: There is no OP kit this month, so this one is just for fun. No fee!
Prizes: Participants will get a classic OP prize.



All Dates Are VERY Subject to Change


DC Heroclix Wonder Woman Movie GF (May 24, 2017)

DC Dice Masters Batman Gravity Feed (May 24, 2017)

Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 30 (May 24, 2017)


Marvel Dice Masters Xavier’s School OP (June, 2017)

Marvel Heroclix 15th Ann What If? Boosters, Starter, etc (June 6, 2017)*

D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures Epic Level Starter (June 13, 2017)


Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 31 (July, 2017)

Star Trek Attack Wing Card Packs Wave 1 (July, 2017)

DC Dice Masters Batman TAS Villains OP Kit (July, 2017)

DC Dice Masters Superman/Wonder Woman Starter (July, 2017)

Marvel Dice Masters Maximum Carnage Team Pack (July 5, 2017)

DC Heroclix Elseworlds Boosters, Starter, etc (July, 2017)

DC Heroclix 15th Ann Dice/Token Pack (July, 2017)

Marvel Heroclix Dormammu Colossal OP (July, 2017)

D&D Icons of the Realms Minis Boosters (Set 7) (July 5, 2017)


Star Trek Attack Wing Monthly OP Kit (August, 2017)

Star Trek Attack Wing Deep Cuts Unpainted Minis Wave 1 (Aug, 2017)

Star Trek Attack Wing Card Packs Wave 2 (Aug 2017)

DC Heroclix Invisible Jet Colossal OP Kit (Aug, 2017)

Marvel Heroclix Merc Jet Colossal OP Kit (Aug, 2017)

Marvel Heroclix Mighty Thor Boosters, Starter, etc (Aug, 2017)*

Marvel Dice Masters X-Men First Class GF (Aug, 2017)

Marvel Dice Masters Guardians of the Galaxy GF (August, 2017)

DC Dice Masters Batman TAS Sirens OP Kit (July, 2017)

Wizkids Heroclix Undead GF (August, 2017)


DC Heroclix Titano Prime Earth Colossal OP Kit (Sept 2017)

Marvel Heroclix What If? X-Men OP Kit (Sept, 2017)

DC Dice Masters Batman TAS Sirens OP Kit (Sept, 2017)

Star Trek Tactics Series 4 Countertop, Starter (Sept, 2017)

Star Trek Attack Wing Faction Packs Wave 1 (Sept 2017)


Star Trek Attack Wing Monthly OP Kit (Oct, 2017)

Marvel Heroclix Thor: Ragnarok GF (Oct, 2017)

DC Heroclix Harley Quinn & Gotham Girls Booster, FF, etc (Oct, 2017)

Star Trek Attack Wing Card Packs Wave 3 (Oct, 2017)



*Includes an Organized Play Kit with Exclusive Limited Edition Figures to win in store!

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