Game Schedule August 2017



8/02         WEDNESDAY

6PM        Dungeons & Dragons Encounter Night

D&D Encounters provide everything you need to play a quick hour or so encounter here in our store. Take a pre-generated character (or bring your own). This is about a 2 hour game, for a longer session see Sunday 8/27.  Free to play!



8/05        Saturday        

NOON    Heroclix 300 pt Modern Tournament

Modern Legal Sets (NEW LIST):  15/16/17 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2015-present, Nick Fury, Superman/Wonder Woman, Brainiac Skull Ship, World’s Finest, Batman v Superman, Captain America Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All sets), Uncanny X-men, Civil War, Foes of Spider-Man, Joker’s Wild, Deadpool & X-Force, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Avengers/Defenders War, Wonder Woman, What If?, Elseworlds.

Entry Fee:  FREE PLAY

Prizes:  Choose a classic OP prize from a previous kit

New Releases:    See Release Sheet


4PM        Heroclix Invisible Jet Colossal OP!

Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane speeds through the skies and onto the tabletop for this all-new Colossal OP Event! This new vehicle figure can move though the map undetected, and strike down foes when the time is right. The Invisible Plane is also able to be played as Special Terrain on the map with unique abilities in addition to a brand-new Terrain Dial!

Entry Fee:  Buy two Elseworlds Boosters and construct a 400 pt team from what you pull.  Players may include a single Serpent Punisher or Spider-Man bystander token for free.

Prizes:  Top 3 get the Colossal Invisible Jet figure.  4th place will get a Colossal Dormammu!   Each participant in this special organized play event will receive a double-sided Ape Superman and Ape the Flash bystander token!



8/12         Saturday                               

Noon       Dice Masters Golden Age Constructed Tournament

Golden age allows any card from any set except banned cards.  <Half-Elf Bard, Relentless, and Swords of Revealing light are banned>

Each player should come to the event with 8 Sidekick Dice, 12 Basic Action Dice, 4 Indicator Cards, and 2 Basic Action Cards up to 12 different character cards/non-basic action cards and up to 20 dice. Each player starts with 20 life.  At the tournament, players reveal their Teams at the same time.  Players may not alter their Teams or Dice in between rounds.

Entry Fee:  $2 or 4 Dice Masters Boosters

Prizes:  Everybody gets a Talia al Ghul participation promo, winners get to choose Catwoman or Poison Ivy from Batman TAS Sirens OP Kit


4PM        Heroclix 400 pt Silver Age Tournament

Silver Age Tournaments allow any heroclix figure, but no other elements (such as Alternate Team Abilities or Resources).

Entry Fee:  Buy any full-sized Heroclix booster or 4 single-figure Gravity Feed boosters.

Prizes:  Winner gets a Wonder Woman Colossal Elseworlds Figure; other players get a classic OP prize from a previous kit.



8/19     Saturday                     NO GAMES GONE GEN CON’IN!



8/26        Saturday

Noon       Star Trek Attack Wing 130 pt Tournament

Constructed format using the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play), with the following new addendum:  minimum of 3 ships per player and a maximum point value of 50 points on a ship (after all cards are assigned to it).  If the base ship cost is higher than 43 points you can still play the ship with the addition of up to 8 points for upgrades as well as a captain.

Entry Fee: There is no OP kit this month, so this one is just for fun.  No fee!

Prizes:  Participants will get a classic OP prize.   Winner gets the USS Cairo/Excelsior-class Prize Pack from the Tin Man OP.


4PM        Star Wars Destiny Tournament

Each player needs a legal deck (Evil or Good) with up to 30 points of characters and exactly 30 cards in their deck.  There is a limit of 2 for each particular card.  Players are also expected to have a way to mark damage and resources.  No Proxies allowed.

Entry Fee: Buy and keep 4 Destiny Boosters (as available).

Prizes:  Extended Art Guard Card for each player.  Top 2 will get Extended Art Finn (First Order Defector) AND Elite Shield Tokens.



8/27         SUNDAY                

Noon       Dungeons and Dragons Expeditions Sunday!

We are currently running Curse of Strahd. There are special rules concerning characters that play in this adventure. Check the Wizards website or come in and ask the DM.

Come play with us!  Dungeons and Dragons is back and as good as ever.  Beginners are welcome, free play; we can provide all you need.  Expeditions are about 4 hours long, for a shorter game, see D&D Encounters on 8/02.

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