March Game Schedule



3/03        Saturday                     No Games



3/04         SUNDAY                

Noon       Starfinder Sunday!

Play Sci-Fi Pathfinder with us!

Please mark yourself as “Going” on our Facebook event, message us or e-mail to reserve a spot.

Beginners are welcome; we can provide all you need. This session will be about 4 hours long.  Free to play!  For D&D see Wednesday the 7th.



3/07         WEDNESDAY     

6PM        Dungeons & Dragons Encounter Night

D&D Encounters provide everything you need to play a quick hour or so encounter here in our store. Take a pre-generated character (or bring your own). This is about a 2 hour game.  For Starfinder RPG, see Sunday the 7th.   Free to play! 



3/10         Saturday                               

NOON    Heroclix 300 pt Modern Tournament

Modern Legal Sets:  15/16/17/18 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2015-present, Nick Fury, Superman/Wonder Woman, Brainiac Skull Ship, World’s Finest, Batman v Superman, Captain America Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All sets), Uncanny X-men, Civil War, Foes of Spider-Man, Joker’s Wild, Deadpool & X-Force, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Avengers/Defenders War, Wonder Woman, What If?, Elseworlds, Mighty Thor, Undead, Thor Ragnarok, Harley Quinn, Star Trek Away Team, Xavier’s School.

Entry Fee:  FREE PLAY

Prizes:  Choose a classic OP prize from a previous kit.  Bring a SideKick (new player) and you both get an exclusive LE Prize!

New Releases:    See Release Sheet


4PM    Happy Super Mario Day!  (Heroclix 300 pt Modern)

National Mario Day is observed each year on March 10th and honors Mario from the popular Nintendo game. This gamer holiday is celebrated on March 10 because of the way the date appears, when abbreviated (Mar.10). It looks just like the name Mario.  #NationalMarioDay

This is a 300 point Modern Tournament, and all figures must be standard sized and no more than 75 points.

Players must include 5 objects in their force, at least one light and one heavy.

Objects cannot be picked up or moved.  When a character moves into the space of a light object they may kick the Koopa, making a ranged attack as if they threw the object any distance (line of sight still required).  When a character moves into the space of a heavy object they may eat the mushroom, place the object on their card if they don’t have one already and become Super.  While Super, they may move through blocking terrain, destroying it.  If they are hit by an attack they take no damage, and must discard the object.

Entry Fee: Buy any single figure heroclix booster for the prize pool.

Prizes: After the game, all players will put their figures together for a snake draft. Comic Carnival will open 1 extra booster/4 players as well to contribute.



3/17       Saturday      

Noon   Heroclix 400 pt Silver Age Constructed Tournament

                                                                Steal This Head

Silver Age games allow any figure, no matter how old, but not any other elements beyond objects.

Each player begins with a special indestructible “head” object in their starting area which can be picked up by any opposing character.  If the head is carried back to its opponent’s starting zone, the opponent scores 50 points.

Entry Fee:  1 Full-sized or 4 single-figure Heroclix boosters

Prizes:  Everybody gets a Silvermane, Black Cat or Speed Demon LE figure from the “Steal This Head” OP Kit.


4PM    Star Wars Destiny Tournament

Each player needs a legal deck (Evil or Good) with up to 30 points of characters and exactly 30 cards in their deck.  There is a limit of 2 for each particular card.  Players are also expected to have a way to mark damage and resources.  No Proxies allowed.

Entry Fee: Buy and keep 4 Destiny Boosters.

Prizes:  Everybody will get a Command Shuttle, Overkill, and Death Trooper Alternate Art Cards from the store championship OP kit.



3/18         SUNDAY                

Noon       Starfinder Sunday!

Play Sci-Fi Pathfinder with us!  Please mark yourself as “Going” on our Facebook event, message us or e-mail to reserve a spot.

Beginners are welcome; we can provide all you need. This session will be about 4 hours long.  Free to play!  For D&D see Wednesday the 7th.



3/24     Saturday         

Noon   Heroclix Marvel 15th Anniversary Release OP Kit

Better late than never!  We never used this kit, so here it is!

This is a 400 point Silver Age event (see 3/17 event).

Each player will designate one figure on their team with the “Past” keyword to have a token on their card that grants them Probability Control.  Once per game they may spend that token (and lose PC) to treat an attack roll they could target with PC as a 15.  This is not a critical hit.

Entry Fee:  Buy one full sized or 4 single-figure Heroclix boosters.

Prizes:  Top 3 will get The Captain LE figure from the OP kit, others can pick a classic prize from a previous OP kit.  Maps will be distributed as well.


4PM    Star Trek: Attack Wing: Turret Turmoil Event

You’ve been sent on a mission to explore a newly discovered and unexplored sector of space that has signs of intelligent life. As you begin exploring and scanning the outer rim of the sector you come upon four spherical objects that are completely smooth. Your scanners don’t show anything anomalous about them, but as you approach each of them begins to open slightly. As you get closer you see a red glow appear out of each of them and they begin firing at you. It appears that each of these spheres is actually an automated sentry turret meant to defend this area! As you take evasive maneuvers to avoid any additional damage to your ship and enemy fleet appears. You must now combat the enemy fleet while also fending off the mysterious spheres!

Constructed format using the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play), with the following new addendum:  minimum of 3 ships per player and a maximum point value of 50 points on a ship (after all cards are assigned to it).  If the base ship cost is higher than 43 points you can still play the ship with the addition of up to 8 points for upgrades as well as a captain.

Full scenario at

Entry Fee:  Buy a STAW expansion, or $5.

Prizes:  Everybody gets the Sickbay Resource, winners get the Kal-If-Fee Elite Talent Upgrade and the Sakonna Alt Art Crew card.



3/31        Saturday                     NO GAMES

Come see us at Indiana Comic Con!

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