Variant Coverage – July 4, 2018

Variant Coverage By Ryan Walsh For Comic Carnival

Happy July 4th, everyone!

Gekido 1 (Wilson & Weich): I always knew this day would come, but I never thought I’d be around to see it. (I figured my coworkers would’ve killed me first.) A fully sponsored superhero in the grand tradition of NASCAR. I hope his methods don’t involve stealth, because there’s no way this guy can to drop through a hole in the roof without declaring all the companies he’s representing.

Unnatural 1 (Mirka Andolfo): An invitation for a wedding’s fine. THIS photo frames two anthropomorphic entities, one clearly trying to demonstrate dominance and protection over the other, while they compete to see who can seem to wear less while keeping the essentials covered for publication purposes. Such displays aren’t just needlessly attention-grabbing…

…they’re already being abducted by the mainstream press.

Batman 50 (King/ Janin): I hope DC got my suggestion about a special waterproof cover, since everyone cries at weddings. But seriously, as lovely as the cover is, we need to brace ourselves for the revelation of the cosmic pre-nup everyone that gets married in comics signs. It’s a lot of legalese, but basically the vows go “…until death, divorce, or divergent creative directions do us part.”

Catwoman 1 (Joelle Jones): If the question is “Feed your cats?”, I’ll spoil it for everyone right here: NO, she clearly doesn’t!”

Batman Thrillkiller TP (Chaykin/ Brereton): “No, Batgirl! No guns – no killing!”
“Check yourself and your calendar, Batman! It’s a federal holiday and I won’t rest until I pop a firecracker or six!”

Lowlifes 1 (Buccallato/ Sentenac): There’s a coroner for the city that secretly appreciates it when victims are stylish enough to coordinate. Clothes or accessories that bring out the natural highlights AND coordinate with the spatter, so few consider such things when they go out. He wants to believe there was something in their minds that knew they were about to meet their end, and subconsciously made an effort to dress appropriately. It wasn’t often, but it happened enough.

Cosmic Ghost Rider 1 (Cates/ Burnett): Okay, fine, this is clearly a mash-up of characters that would make any gathering of nerdy 12-year-olds proud, but you know it’s not going to stop there. CGR’s going to find crossovers with the GotG, Nova, and that’s just in Marvel. CGR meets Predator, CGR vs. Space Jason, Star Wars Episode 8.5: A New Spirit of Vengeance that Works for a Sentient Death Star from Beyond Time… There’s no limits anymore.

Hey, who’d we get to handle our Independence Day show for us this year?

Panels from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and "Young Liars"

His recommendations were just last week’s obituaries. That should’ve tipped us off.

…Oh. (Hopefully) see you next week!

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Variant Coverage Review Blog by Ryan Walsh for Comic Carnival

Variant Coverage Review Blog by Ryan Walsh for Comic Carnival


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