09/07   Saturday         


Marvel HeroClix: X-Men the Animated Series, the Dark Phoenix Saga Pre-Release

New Releases:    See Bottom of Page

Marvel HeroClix: X-Men the Animated Series, the Dark Phoenix Saga comes to the tabletop in a BIG way. Based on the success of Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Infinity, Colossal Boosters are back! Each Colossal Booster will contain 4 standard size figures and a 2×2 Clix Base figure in EVERY booster! Discover new characters both small and large in this can’t-be-missed release! This set features all of the fan-favorite characters from the 1990’s X-Men animated series like Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, and Morph!Colossal figures in the set will feature some of the epic threats that the X-Men have faced ranging from Nimrod to the Dark Phoenix or the Shadow King! Not to fear, some of the X-Men have found ways to be a colossal answer to evil, like Iceman and Vange Whedon.
Entry Fee: Buy 1 X-Men Booster. Each player may draft and keep one figure from their booster. All other figures will be placed in the center and the lowest point team player will have 30 seconds to draft a second figure, followed by the second lowest player, etc.
Prizes: Players will snake draft figures from the boosters, Comic Carnival will add an extra booster for every 4 players

4PM        Heroclix X-Men Regenesis Storyline OP  Month 3

A schism has formed between the X-MenWolverine and Cyclops now each lead their own divisions of the X-Men. Find fan-favorite X-Men characters representing each team like Danger, Hope Summers, and Storm on Cyclops’ team and Beast, Gambit, and Iceman on Wolverine’s team. How will the X-Men transform as a team to face new challenges?  Exclusive to this 3-month Storyline Organized Play event, the set contains 20 amazing sculpts, each with a base in a different color depending on if the character is aligned with Wolverine or with Cyclops.

Entry Fee:  3 Regenesis Boosters ($4.99 each).  Players may trade one character with another player.  Players may also use figures they have from previous months AT COMIC CARNIVAL (including prizes).

Prizes:  Each month, players will have a chance to win one of two new prize figures (which one depends on whether they’ve aligned themselves with Wolverine or Cyclops, and in the final month, there will be two grand prize figures, one for the top Wolverine supporter and one for the top Cyclops supporter throughout the 3-months of events!     

09/14   Saturday                   



09/21   Saturday       

            Heroclix 300 pt Modern Tournament

NOTE: X-Men The Animated Series Heroclix Marquee is delayed due to product delay.

Modern Legal Sets:  (NEW LIST!) 17/18/19 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2016-present, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Elseworlds, Mighty Thor, Undead, Thor Ragnarok, Harley Quinn, Star Trek Away Team, Xavier’s School, Avengers Infinity, Batman Animated, Secret Wars Battleworld, Tri-Sentinel, Earth X, Captain Marvel, Rebirth, Avengers/Black Panther/Illuminati, Regenesis.

Entry Fee:  FREE PLAY

Prizes:  Choose a classic OP prize from a previous kit.

4PM    Keyforge Single-Game Swiss Archon Event

            Age of Ascension Premium Prizes

A Journey deeper into the world of the Crucible in Age of Ascension, the second age of KeyForge! In this continuation of the worlds first Unique Deck Game, you will find 204 new cards seamlessly integrated into the card pool, creating an entirely new collection of archon decks for you to discover, explore, and master!

Three 40 minute rounds with a single deck. 

This is a Time of Triumph Chain Bound Event.  You will need your Keyforge QR Code ID from the website, ideally on your smart phone.  Your deck’s performance in this event could earn you online Aembershards (for future prizes) and chains for your deck in future events.


Prizes:  Keyforge Season 2 Premium Prizes!  Winner gets the new Keyforge playmate!  All participants get a set of 3 card keys, and chain tracker from the kit.

09/15         SUNDAY                            Dungeons & Dragons Sunday!

The penultimate adventure in our quest to stop the dragon cult from summoning Tiamat!

09/28   Saturday                     VACATION



All Dates Are VERY Subject to Change

Marvel Cyclops vs Wolverine Regenesis OP & Countertop Month 3/3* (September, 2019)

Marvel Heroclix X-Men The Animated Series Dark Phoenix Boosters, FF, etc* (September 11, 2019)

The Orville Heroclix Starter (September, 2019)

Marvel Heroclix Baron Mordo & Fear Lords OP (October, 2019)

DC Heroclix Martian Manhunter Despero’s Revenge OP (October, 2019)

WWE Heroclix Starter (2 different) & Expansions (18 different)  (October, 2019)

Star Trek Heroclix Away Team TNG Boldly Go GF (October, 2019)

Marvel Heroclix Deep Cuts Unpainted X-Men Figures (November, 2019)

DC Comics HeroClix: Green Lantern Corps – Recharge Monthly OP (November, 2019)

*Includes an Organized Play (OP) Kit with Exclusive Limited Edition Figures to win in store!

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