November 2019 Game Schedule



11/02   Saturday                     

Author Jeff Osborne In-Store Signing

Noon   Heroclix 300 pt Modern Tournament

Modern Legal Sets:  (NEW LIST!) 17/18/19 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2016-present, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Elseworlds, Mighty Thor, Undead, Thor Ragnarok, Harley Quinn, Star Trek Away Team, Xavier’s School, Avengers Infinity, Batman Animated, Secret Wars Battleworld, Tri-Sentinel, Earth X, Captain Marvel, Rebirth, Avengers/Black Panther/Illuminati, Regenesis, X-Men Animated.

Entry Fee:  FREE PLAY

Prizes:  Choose a classic OP prize from a previous kit.

New Releases:    Bottom of page


4PM  Heroclix Silver Age 500 pt Tournament

Baron Mordo and the Fear Lords

Bring a 500 point team with figures from any set in Heroclix history.  Other elements, except standard items, are not allowed. 

Special Rule:  FEED ON FEAR:  The first time an opposing character takes pushing damage each turn, you may heal one of your characters 1 click.

Entry Fee:  Buy and keep 1 full sized Heroclix booster (or 4 single figure).

Prizes:  In result order, each player can choose 1 figure from the “Baron Mordo and the Fear Lords” OP Kit:  Baron Mordo, Dweller-in-Darkness, or Nightmare.



11/9     Saturday          

NOON   WWE Wrestling Heroclix!  300 point Match!

Prepare to bring fan-favorite WWE Superstars to your next HeroClix game in a big way! Build a team of your favorite superstars, battle against your friends, and become the champion! These figures will have a fresh-feel for HeroClix veterans and a rich thematic game play for beginners! WWE HeroClix even features NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PAC Powers, specific to WWE!

Try the new way to Heroclix!  Bring or buy a 300 point team of ONLY WWE Heroclix figures and play with the new wrestling rules!

Entry Fee: $3 or buy a WWE Heroclix pack.

Prizes:  Winner will get their choice of available WWE single figure pack.  If 6+ players, 2nd place will also receive a figure pack, and 3rd with 8+.

NOTE:  This is a new unreleased product, event subject to change.



11/16   Saturday       

Comic Carnival Zine #4 Art Jam
                                                NO GAMES



11/23   Saturday    

Noon       Heroclix 200 pt Skirmish Tournament

  Test this new tournament type with us!

Full Rules at:

   Bring a 200 point team with at least 3 characters.

The game will be played on a 16×16 square grid map, with random starting spaces interspersed around the map.  Players will take turns placing their figures on these spaces, snaking placement order.  Note that special items might be difficult to place 5 squares from all starting areas.

Each player, proceeding clockwise, will get a single costed action and a free action, then the next player will get the same.  Once this has happened twice for each player, end of turns effects happen in player order.  (Any increases in action totals will give the player a bonus round after these standard rounds.)  First turn immunity is modified in this format.  Victory points are modified as well.  Every click you do to an opponent gives you 1 victory point, every costed game element you eliminate gives you 1 victory point.  Eliminate all other forces or score 20 points to immediately win.  30 minute time limit.

                                                `               Entry Fee: Free Play

Prizes:  Choose a classic OP prize from a previous kit.


4 PM   Heroclix Golden Age 400 pt Tournament

Bring a 400 point team with elements from any set in Heroclix history.  Event dials are not allowed. 

Entry Fee:  1 full sized Heroclix booster for the prize pool.

Prizes:  Boosters will be opened and chosen in ranked order.  Comic Carnival will add 1 booster to the prize pool per 4 players.


11/30   Saturday                    

No Games



All Dates Are VERY Subject to Change


WWE Heroclix Starter (2 different) & Expansions (18 different) (October 23, 2019)

The Orville Heroclix Starter (October 23, 2019)


Marvel Heroclix Baron Mordo & Fear Lords OP (November, 2019)

Marvel Heroclix Deep Cuts Unpainted X-Men Figures (November, 2019)


DC HeroClix: Green Lantern Corps – Recharge Monthly OP (December, 2019)

DC Heroclix Martian Manhunter Despero’s Revenge OP (December, 2019)


Marvel Heroclix Fantastic Four Cosmic Clash Starter Set (January, 2010)


*Includes an Organized Play (OP) Kit with Exclusive Limited Edition Figures to win in store!

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