After some soul searching, we are canceling all of our events, including signings, gaming, and Picard viewings. We are very sorry for this, because we love our interactions with you all. Hopefully we can get back to normal ASAP.
Be safe








All Dates Are VERY Subject to Change

DC Heroclix:  Green Arrow and the Justice Society Monthly OP (February, 2020)

Marvel Heroclix:  Captain America and the Avengers Boosters, FF, etc (February 5, 2020)*


DC Heroclix: Queen Mera Alantean Civil War Monthly OP (March, 2020)

Marvel Heroclix Deep Cuts Wave 2 (March, 2020)

Marvel Heroclix: Fantastic Four Cosmic Clash Starter Set (March, 2020)


DC Heroclix: Everybody Loves Ivy Monthly OP (April, 2020)

DC Heroclix Justice League Unlimited Starter. Booster, Dice, etc (April, 2020)*

Marvel Heroclix Black Widow Movie Countertop Display (April 2020)

Marvel Heroclix Black Widow on Motorcycle Figure (April, 2020)

*Includes an Organized Play (OP) Kit with Exclusive Limited Edition Figures to win in store!

Modern Age Heroclix Rules:

Modern Legal Sets:  17/18/19 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2016-present, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Elseworlds, Mighty Thor, Undead, Thor Ragnarok, Harley Quinn, Star Trek Away Team, Xavier’s School, Avengers Infinity, Batman Animated, Secret Wars Battleworld, Tri-Sentinel, Earth X, Captain Marvel, Rebirth, Avengers/Black Panther/Illuminati, Regenesis, X-Men Animated, Captain America/Avengers, FF Cosmic Clash.

Legal Elements:  Characters, Special Objects, Bystanders.

Illegal Elements:  Feats, Battlefield Conditions, Event Dials, Alternate Team Abilities.

Each player may bring up to 3 objects of their choice.



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