Fantastic Acquisitions

Fantastic Acquisitions


New this week!  A “Best of the 90s” selection!

First Deadpool!  First Carnage!  First X-Force!  First Cable!  First Jubilee!  First Gambit!  First Bishop!  First Jim Lee X-Men!

First Apocalypse!  Second Deadpool!  Third Deadpool!  First Copycat!  X-Force #1!  First Marvel Miniseries!

Venom #1!  Gambit #1!  Infinity Gauntlet!  Early Guardians!  Punisher #1!



These well used Golden Age DCs were a great pleasure to acquire this month.  They’re sure to go quickly!

These low grade comics from the 1940s and the 1950s are a real rarity, and many are the only copies the current staff have ever seen in person.


We’ve had the great fortune to acquire several nice Silver Age Keys in 2017!  Please stop by to take a look at these beauties!


Comic Carnival is always buying back issues!  We’re concentrating on pre-70s stuff, of course, but there is rarely a week that goes by that we don’t add something to our collection of 100s of thousands of back issues.  As an example, here’s a selection of books either acquired in 2016 already, or restocked from our storage.

imageI’ve never seen a bigger collection of miscellaneous publishers in a store than we have.

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imageWhile DC Silver isn’t the powerhouse it once was, we still keep an eye out for interesting books.  Neal Adams anyone?


Of course we’d love to have all the Marvel Silver Age Comics ever published.  While we’ve never reached that lofty goal, you can bet we’re adding more of it that any other category we see offered to us.

If you’re interested in comic back issues, we would love to get the chance to impress you with our store inventory.


<<<<New Golden Oldies at Comic Carnival>>>>


Ooh, that’s a nice Strange Adventures #1!

Check out the store for details!


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