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See the bottom of the page for Modern Age Heroclix and Dice Masters.  Also Wizkids release Schedule.




1/20       Saturday       No GAMES



1/21         SUNDAY                 Noon       Starfinder Sunday!

We’ve just started the first adventure path for Starfinder.  Please mark yourself as “Going” on our Facebook event, message us or e-mail to reserve a spot.

Beginners are welcome; we can provide all you need. This session will be about 4 hours long.  Free to play!  For D&D see Wednesday the 1st.



1/27     Saturday          Noon   Star Trek Attack Wing 130 pt Tournament

Trap Travesty

While carefully traversing the treacherous terrain of the Briar Patch your ships’ sensors start picking up readings of powerful energy fluctuations directly in front of your fleet. However, when brought on screen, there’s absolutely nothing there. Just as your crew starts to run more in depth diagnostics an enemy fleet appears across from you behind where the sensors indicate the presence of energy fluctuations. You must fend off your enemies, but proceed with caution, the energy fluctuations may be something much more significant than they appear to be! Will you be able to defeat your enemies? Will you be able to traverse the battlefield without being affected by the energy fluctuations? Find out in this exhilarating mission!

Constructed format using the standard Squad Building Rules (on Pg. 21 of the Full Rules of Play), with the following new addendum:  minimum of 3 ships per player and a maximum point value of 50 points on a ship (after all cards are assigned to it).  If the base ship cost is higher than 43 points you can still play the ship with the addition of up to 8 points for upgrades as well as a captain.

Full scenario at  Note:  No MINES of any kind allowed.

Entry Fee:  Buy a STAW booster or $2

Prizes:  Everybody Long Range Probe Resource LE Card, winners get a Phontonic Cannon LE Card or a Romulan Pilot Alt Art Card.



New Heroclix Etc. Releases (very subject to change):



All Dates Are VERY Subject to Change


All Dates Are VERY Subject to Change


DC Heroclix Booster Golden OP (Jan, 2018)

Marvel Dice Masters Mighty Thor GF (Jan 3, 2018)

Marvel Dice Masters Rocket & Groot OP (Jan, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing Trap Travesty OP Kit (Jan, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing Card Packs Wave 2 (Jan 10, 2018)


Marvel Heroclix X-Men Xavier’s School Booster, FF, etc* (Feb, 2018)

Marvel Heroclix Mojo World OP Kit (Feb, 2018)

Marvel Dice Masters Avengers Infinity GF (Feb, 2018)

Marvel Dice Masters Exiles OP Kit (Feb, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing Independent Faction Pack (Feb, 2018)


Marvel Heroclix Steal This Head! OP Kit (Mar, 2018)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Heroclix Unplugged GF, FF, etc (Mar, 2018)

Marvel Dice Masters Brotherhood OP (March, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing Turret Turmoil OP Kit (March, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing Card Pack Wave 3 (Mar, 2018)


DC Heroclix Blue Beetles OP Kit (April, 2018)

DC Heroclix Trinity Monthly OP Kit (April, 2018)

DC Dice Masters Harley Quinn Team Pack (April, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Faction Pack Mirror U & Independent (April, 2018)


Marvel Heroclix Avengers Infinity Colossal Booster, Fast Forces, Etc.  (May, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing 2018 Monthly OP Kit 1 (May, 2018)

Star Trek Attack Wing Card Pack Wave 4 (May, 2018)b



*Includes an Organized Play (OP) Kit with Exclusive Limited Edition Figures to win in store!


*Includes an Organized Play (OP) Kit with Exclusive Limited Edition Figures to win in stor



Modern Age Heroclix Rules:

Modern Legal Sets:  15/16/17 Wizkids Exclusives (most), Monthly OP Kits Jan 2015-present, Nick Fury, Superman/Wonder Woman, Brainiac Skull Ship, World’s Finest, Batman v Superman, Captain America Civil War, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (All sets), Uncanny X-men, Civil War, Foes of Spider-Man, Joker’s Wild, Deadpool & X-Force, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Avengers/Defenders War, Wonder Woman, What If?, Elseworlds, Mighty Thor, Undead, Thor Ragnarok, Harley Quinn, Star Trek TOS.

Legal Elements:  Characters, Special Objects, Bystanders, Alternate Team Abilities Feats.

Illegal Elements:  Non-ATA Feats, Battlefield Conditions, Event Dials.

Each player may bring up to 3 objects, 1 light, 1 heavy and 1 of their choice.


Modern Age Dice Masters Sets:

Modern Legal Sets: 2015-2017 Promos, War of Light, Spider-Man, Faerun Under Siege, World’s Finest, Civil War, TMNT, Green Arrow/Flash, Deadpool, Dr Strange Team, Iron Man/War Machine Start, TMNT HiHS, Batman, Defenders Team, Superman/Wonder Woman Start, Maximum Carnage, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men First Class.   <Half-Elf Bard is banned>




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